Friday, August 10, 2007


we're still on hiatus.

We'll be back in november for more Montreal !


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Comedy Nest - Brian Lazanik, Joey Elias

Just came back from a show at the Comedy Nest and I must say it was really a great evening of laughter. It started out slow, with ok opening acts. Then, out of the blue, appeared Joey Elias, my personal favourite local comic (and probably in my world top 5). He dropped by for a short 10 minute improvised set about how he lost weight. He did lose weight, but he gained brio and wit in the process. I found him rejuvenated with a new style, contradictory (in a good way) to his previous nonchalant attitude. Anyway, it was funny as hell...

Then, Mr Headliner Brian Lazanik came in and started talking funny (kinda like a retard) to the mic. I though this was just a short gimmick but it lasted for an hour. If a comic can last an hour talking like some stupid idiot lunatic and not have me annoyed, he must be pretty amazing. And he was. His show consists of mostly witty one liners who remind me a lot of Larry David's humour in that they challenge the traditional way of looking at simple things and twist them in completely un-politically correct ways. I found around 75% of his act to be excellent, the rest just bubbling under in the good-to-great category.

A real fun evening!

Friday, July 27, 2007


This week is an ok week for movies.
First off,The Simpsons Movie is finally released and is sure to make some noise. It's the first ever Simpsons movie, after a long, long, long (and still going strong) run on TV. It features Homer in an adventure to save the world from a catastrophe he may have caused. I think it's safe to assume that this movie is going to be good. They can't mess this up. At worse it'll be OK.

A potential hit-or-miss movie would be the British sci-fi flick Sunshine. Directed by cult filmmaker Danny Boyle (The Beach, 28 days later, Trainspotting), and written by Alex Garland (The Beach), the movie is about a group of astronauts in 2057 whose mission is to reignite the failing sun. On their way there, they received a signal from a previous mission that was launched years earlier and never came back.... I love sci-fi but it's so easy to miss target with those films... I'll probably check this one out and let you know.

The other potential hit of the week end would be the Catherine Zeta-Jones/ Aaron Eckhart romantic comedy No Reservations. Need I say more ?
Also out is Taxi 4, the fourth instalment in the popular French film series. It features cars, girls, and a lot of humour (mostly involving a quirky police officer). It seems weird to release another movie in this franchise (started in the 90s) but as long as it sells, I guess there's no harm to it.
Another blockbuster release, I know who killed me is more geared to the adolescent market. It features Lindsay Lohan (sober) in a mysterious thriller about a girl who wakes up not remembering anything and is convinced she has been killed two weeks earlier (now that's a plot that is sure to move today's youth!)

On the more indie side, the new Werner Herzog film is out. It's called Rescue Dawn and is about an Dieter Dengler, an American soldier (Christian Bale) captured by Viet' guerrilleros during the infamous Vietnam war in 1966. This should be interesting since Herzog did a documentary about Dengler 10 years ago (LITTLE DIETER NEEDS TO FLY).
La Faute à Fidel
could be an interesting French film about Anna, a nine-year old girl whose uncle is a chilian militant. He dies in combat and this leads to his sister moving to Paris, into the life of Anna.
Also, Cinema du Parc offers two new repertory films this week. Cafe Transit, an Iranian film about a woman who takes over a café at the Turkish border. Benis par le feu (Illuminados por el fuego) is a Spanish film about war friendships.

Enjoy your week-end (and week) in movies !

Juliette et Chocolat

Ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore Juliette et Chocolat ne savent pas ce qu'ils ratent !
Dans ce tout petit café/resto trottoir de la rue Saint Denis (coin Emery), les meilleures saveurs de chocolats (et autres) vous feront baver. Ne vous étonnez pas si vous gémissez involontairement de plaisir, ou si les mouvements de vos mains s'accélèrent pour plus vite préparer la prochaine bouchée... C'est l'extase totale!

Ceci dit, les chocolat sont présents en toute formes : crêpes, fondue, glaces, boissons, shots, gâteaux, et même une vinaigrette de salade aux saveurs de framboise. Je recommande vivement la crêpe Choco-folie (chocolats noir, blanc et au lait), le chocolat chaud à l'ancienne (jouissif) et les coupes de glaces alléchantes.

Mais ce n'est pas tout. Juliette est aussi fameux pour ses crêpes de sarassin salées. La complète Pesto et la poulet-épinard-chèvre sont particulièrement réussies.

Si vous aimez le chocolat, Juliette est immanquable !

Juliette et Chocolat, 1615 RUE SAINT-DENIS ; 514-287-3555

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bruce Nauman at the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal

The Musee d’Art Contemporain is having a retrospective on the work of Bruce Nauman, an influential American artist. The exhibit showcases his use of various media, from sound and video installation to neon and sculpture, to address an equally varied smorgasbord of themes, such as war, violence, apathy, language, and what the artist perceives as our frustrating inability to truly commune with each other (expressed through the Clown pieces.) The expo greets you with a series of his neon work. Plays on words (RUN FROM FEAR - FUN FROM REAR,) anagrams (WAR-RAW) as well as acoustic-visual poems (SILENCE-VIOLENCE-VIOLINS) make you smile, but also carry profound, striking messages of revolt against our apathy to the global state of things and what he describes as "the ability people have to ignore situations they do not like." After a gallery of video installations where redundant movements in a distorted visual field point out the fallacy of our perceptions (meh…) a sculpture-fountain of floating bronze fish with water jetting periodically from them contrasts silence and noise, and makes for a relaxing moment – be patient, wait until the water stops flowing, you will be rewarded. The next installation will blow you away. You enter a dark room with six large screens projection the rapidly rotating faces of men shouting feed me anthropology - eat me sociology. It is at once fascinating and terrifying.
The entrance to the exhibit is 8$, but note that a membership to the MAC is 10$ for students and residents of Montreal, which gives you free access to all exhibitions and access to evenings at the museum, the Nocturnes, with music and guided tours exclusively for members – the next nocturne is on August 3rd.

Friday, July 20, 2007


relaying information from Cinema du Parc.This Filthy World

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
USA. 2006. Documentary. Dir.: Jeff Garlin. With John Waters.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In this one-man show, the HAIRSPRAY original director, John Waters takes the stage to discuss everything from his early influences and his fondest career memories. As part of a John Waters' retrospective, this perfomance is filled with outrageous insight and candid wit that has earned Waters an eternal place in the hearts of mischief-loving miscreants everywhere.

THIS FILTHY WORLD filmed over two nights at Manhattan's Harry De Jur Playhouse, can be one of the coziest and most charming means of investing 90-plus minutes of your life. Some of the more outrageous stuff can't, of course, be safely recounted in a family newspaper. Just know that Waters is so sneaky when delivering his zingers that he'll make you spit your beverage on the person next to you if you're not careful. In laughter, one hastens to add, not disgust.

"This suave connoisseur of sleaze can be touching when recalling Tab Hunter and Divine's initial encounter on the set of 1981's "Polyester." He can be instructive when talking about how a film society can attract patrons. ("Have the ushers be nude for one night.") More than anything, he can be mordantly funny when taking off on such varied topics as Michael Jackson, the Catholic Church and priggishness in every corner of society. Even when he expresses malice, Waters is always endearing, even - in his own way - sensible."

Pink Flamingos (1972) (English with French subtitles)
Female Trouble (1974) (English with French subtitles)
Desperate Living (1977) (English with French subtitles)
Polyester (1981)
Hairspray (1988) (English with French subtitles)
Cry-Baby (1990) (English with French subtitles)
Serial Mom (1994) (English with French subtitles)
Pecker (1998) (English with French subtitles)
Cecil B. Demented (2000) (English version)
A Dirty Shame (2006) (English version)

All showtimes on


This is a nicer movie week than last week, featuring eclectic releases that will please all. Still fresh from the Harry Potter craziness, many moviegoers will be stuck at home this week end reading the much anticipated final book of the series. For others, there are a couple of interesting movie outings you can check out.

First of all, LIBERO is my pick for the week end. review : It's a fabulous, down to earth and touching italian film about a family that has been deserted by a nymphomaniac (?) mother who keeps leaving home only to come back for brief periods. This leaves the family hanging and tense. But the movie isn't depressing at all, like you would expect from such a story. It's really all about a little boy's experience of this situation and how it affects his daily life and upbringing. The actors are all wonderful, the pace is perfect. Girls, the dad is pretty hot too !

Next up would be MON MEILLEUR AMI, an apparently innovative and funny French comedy from Patrice Leconte (who brought us gems like Ridicule and La fille sur le Pont). It features Daniel Auteil as a businessman who apparently doesn't have any "best friend" and has to prove that he does to avoid ridicule. He meets this taxi driver (Dany Boon) and an unusual releationships develops as they try to convince people that they are best friends.

Also out this week is the new Steve Buscemi movie (something I really look forward to), Interview. It stars Buscemi interviewing a big shot celebrity. Could only be delightful. The movie was made as a testament to murdered filmmaker Teo Van Gogh.

The blockbuster releases of the week would be I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry (starring Adam Sandler as a pretend gay man, trying to get a good insurance deal) and Hairspray, which looks promising but could be a disaster.
Another potential big hit is the Quebec Comedy Ma Tante Aline, with Béatrice Picard, Sylvie Léonard and Rémi-Pierre Paquin.

Other movies worth checking out : Dans Paris (by controversial french director Christophe Honoré, with Louis Garrel and Romain Duris), This Filthy World, a John Waters documentary + Retrospective at cinema du parc (see next post)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Off Creacamp

On se la coule douce pour cette édition Creacamp d'été.
Au menu :
  • BYOB : Bring your own blanket! pour vous assoir, cela créera une superbe mosaique au sol!
  • picnic : apportez qqchose à boire, et à grignoter pour le picnic
  • échange de livres : apportez 1 ou 2 livres qui vous ont inspiré, et qu'il vous fera plaisir d'échanger
  • blahblah : Si nous sommes plus de 20, de petits groupes seront formés pour discuter. Si nous sommes moins de 20, nous discuterons tous ensembles!
  • marché : bijoux, vêtements, livres - apportez vos créations pour les faires voires!
  • collages 6x6 : si vous désirez participer, préparez une enveloppe contenant quelques papiers colorés, une citation écrite qui vous représente, ainsi que votre nom écrit. Cette enveloppe pourra être échangée, et le matériel servira à créer un collage de 6" par 6" (voir projet 6x6 sur flickr).
Où :
Parc Lafontaine, 13h à 15h, le 22 juillet 2007.
Présentations :
laissez m-c savoir si vous désirez faire une courte présentation (10 minutes max, sans projecteur ou ordinateur, nous serons dans un parc!).
Inscriptions :
svp laissez votre nom dans les commentaires ICI pour nous laisser savoir qui sera présent!
En cas de pluie :
M-C postera une confirmation le Vendredi 20 juillet sur
En espérant vous y voir en grand nombre!!


J'étais au show de Gad Elmaleh hier soir, dans le cadre du festival juste pour rire.

D'abord, je dois témoigner mon agacement face à l'organisation de l'évènement. On a du attendre en file, tickets numérotés en main, avant de nous laisser entrer dans la salle et commencer le show avec une heure de retard.
Ceci dit, à la seconde ou Gad est arrivé (sur les airs de Musicology de Prince), tout cet agacement s'est envolé et a laissé place a la bonne humeur.

Durant la soirée, la foule enchainait les rires (souvent forts, jamais de fou rires) et les bons sketchs se succédaient les uns après les autres; le tout saupoudré de petites interludes exquises sur les québécois, leur accent et l'orthophonie des mots (le "t" a la fin de "contac'", on va le mettre a la fin de "ici" et ca donnera "iciT")

Ce que j'ai apprécié le plus dans le show, c'était les petites improvisations auxquelles il se prêtait en plein milieu de ses sketchs. Exemple : A un moment, il interpelle des membres du public et leur demande ce qu'il font dans la vie. Vannes sarcastiques obligées. Plus tard, il intercale des commentaires sur leur métiers dans ses sketchs et va meme jusqu'à les y inclure en personnages....

Evidemment, on a eu droit à des parties musicales dont la version remixée du "petit oiseau" et une excellente ballade au piano en langue inconnue ("on veux vraiment le croire que c'est du français"). On se retrouve même à chanter les "backing vocals" pendant une hilarante chanson germanique de l'eurovision !

Gad a su bien mêler les sujets: des relations amoureuses désastreuses aux célébrations du nouvel an, en passant par un exquis sketch sur disneyland et sea world, on ne s'ennuie presque jamais. A part un peu à la fin, ou ca se ramollit un peu.... Mais Gad sait dompter son public et termine le show avec un grand compte à rebours pour nous souhaiter la bonne année (en juillet!)!

En résumé, ce nouveau spectacle (présenté en première mondiale) est largement réussi, mais moins drole que son précédent (L'autre c'est moi). Il se repete par moments et les thèmes ne sont pas si différents que ca... Mais le show reste tout de même de haut calibre!

Une chose est certaines, la relation Gad-public fonctionne beaucoup mieux que ses relations amoureuses qu'il décrit et nous, contrairement à son ex ("c'est un sketch"), on en veut encore du Gad !

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well it's safe to say that this week will be Harry potter week at the movies. I just saw the film and really thought it was a great ride. The series has reach a good maturity and they have learned how to balance action and character development. In this particular one, character development takes over as the actors improve their skills, the writing gets less cheesy and the directing uses a new realistic style....

other releases worth mentioning this week are:

Adam's Apple, a funny, weird comedy about a priest with strict and irrevocable faith who reforms prisoners in his small town church.

Lars Von Trier's The Director. I've seen the film back when it was playing at the New Cinema Festival and it's really a departure from his recent work and a return to the type of movies he made in his dogma era (the idots etc...). This film is cute, original but overall doesn't leave you with much more than a cute story with amusing characters. It's like The Office goes on the big screen, with a little less catch phrases ;)

Scenes of a sexual nature is also out and features everything but sex! I've seen bits and pieces of the film and it's really a long bore with endless discussions. The acting however is fine and intelligent and the editing is interesting.

Another interesting title out this week is God grew tired of us, a story of 4 africans (from soudan) who aren't familiar with our civilization, and are brought to NYC for this documentary. An interesting look at our culture through the eyes of traditionalism. I foresee a nice reflexion on where we're coming from and where we're heading....

other releases : Captivity, Belle Toujours, Introducing the Dwights

all showtimes at

Friday, July 13, 2007


J'ai enfin trouvé un bon restaurant asiatique pas cher et gastronomique!
Il s'agit du SOY, sur St-Laurent (entre fairmount et maguire).
Pourquoi gastronomique ? D'abord la viande (poulet, boeuf etc...) n'est pas un amas de conservateurs frits avec un tas de panure et une petite boule de viande au milieu. On a affaire ici a des ingrédients de qualité supérieure. Ensuite, les plats sont préparés avec un clair souci de saveur et raffinement. Ce ne sont pas les meilleurs mets asiatiques en ville, mais franchement, moi je trouve ca excellent.

A 15$, la table d'hôte du midi est un festin de saveurs, et je n'exagère pas.
Mes choix irrévocables : D'abord, le poulet general Tao (facon soy) qui réinvente le concept general Tao et le rend raffiné et frais. La sauce est un mélange intrigant d'épices et Ensuite, les crevettes croustillantes, un délice !
Mon conseil : partager a deux ces deux plats. Ils sont aussi bons l'un que l'autre.

SOY - 514-499-9399 ; 5258 St Laurent; 15-20$ par personne a déjeuner;
Heures: LUN Fermé, MAR-MER 11h30-22h, JEU-VEN 11h30-21h, SAM 17h-23h, DIM 17h-22h


En voila un restaurant viet intéressant !
J'y suis allé fêter mon anniversaire (apparemment une spécialité de l'établissement). Je n'ai pas eu la chance d'avoir la grande célébration avec chanson et gâteau à laquelle ont eu droit 4 autres tables (il était deja trop tard pour mettre de la musique et il ne restait plus que nous au restaurant). J'ai quand meme eu une rose bien rouge en guise de consolation ;)

Passons au sérieux maintenant ! D'abord, je tiens a mentionner l'accueil tres chaleureux du propriétaire : tres dynamique, énergétique et fier. Il nous montre ses poissons, de nouvelles espèces hybridées en Malaisie... (il faut dire qu'il avait une drôle de tête ce poisson!) D'autre part, notre serveur était assez désagréable et ne comprenait pas trop ce qu'on lui disait. Il a meme presque engueulé un de mes amis pour avoir parlé anglais!

Ceci dit, on était plutôt tous satisfaits de notre repas. J'avais commande le poulet et crevette sur nouilles croustillantes et j'ai trouvé ca assez délicieux. Très bien épicé et portion généreuse. Autour de moi, j'ai entendu des éloges pour le poulet sauce arachide et le poulet au curry rouge. Aussi, le poulet à la flamme semblait particulièrement alléchant.
C'était bien clair que les ingrédients était très frais.
Coté desserts, les ananas et bananes frites étaient à la hauteur de mes attentes, mais rien d'extraordinaire.

A la fin du repas, le propriétaires nous montre la terrasse en arrière. On regrette tout de suite de ne pas avoir fait de réservation deux semaines plus tôt ! Elle est vraiment superbe....

Je recommande ce restaurant pour son ambiance particulière et pour son menu varié. En plus, c'est pas très cher.

Le Mangoustan - 5935, rue Saint-Hubert ;
(514) 495-9031; 15-25$ par personnes; Apportez votre vin.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Think the only funny things around these days are happening at the Just For Laugh festival ?
Think again.

I went to the premiere of a theater double-bill yesterday, and let me say I was impressed at the quality of those two indie plays.

The evening is split in two, starting with the inventive and often hilarious OFFICE HOURS, directed by Matt Enos (based on the Norm Foster play). It features many office tableaux, each revealing some facet of the entertainment industry, from the movie studio executive and TV newsroom producer to the horse track manager and the entertainment lawyer. The characters are weird and very well portrayed by the cast. In two hours time, we meet a gigolo studio executive, a fat jockey, a gay lawyer who finally comes out to his parents, a fame-starved movie producer, a sex-depraved psychiatrist and many more...

Each of the tableaux has its own character and feel and stands on its own comedically. However, they are all linked by tiny details that, for the most part, are really simple and effective. That being said, the scenes are also very consistent comedically and feel like they really belong together.

Hats down for the director for creating a totally appropriate atmosphere and successfully giving the play a real sense of cohesion.
The actors smoothly transition from one role to the other and it's never hard to follow.
Some of the scenes are weaker than others (namely the horse track scene and the opening scene), other are simply hilarious (the last scene, the gay coming out scene, and the movie executive) .

Overall, it's really a fun ride and everyone will find something they like in it...
If you don't laugh at least 10 times in this play, there's something wrong with you !


After a 15 minute intermission, I was tired and not so sure I wanted to watch another play. Then NEVER SWIM ALONE hit me in the guts with its fast-paced roller-coaster feast of dialogue and situation comedy. This is simply one of the best comedies I've seen in a while with intelligent mise-en-scene, marvelous dialogues and top-notch acting. It never loses momentum (which isn't something you can say about most comedies).

On paper, this must be a rather boring read, with lots of dialogue and no plot lines whatsoever; but on stage, the words take a superb turn and you enjoy every syllable being pronounced. This is mostly due to the terrific performances of the two leads. One of them (forgot his name, so I'll call him not-matt-enos) struck me as a possible love child of Steve Carell and Christian Bale. Which is a compliment coming from me.

The director (
Anna Springate-Floch) obviously knows her stuff and is pitch-perfect in her depiction of this duel between these two men. It could be read at so many levels. I saw it both as a business life satire a la American Psycho and a depiction of friendship, inner discovery and how futile life can be. As cheesy as this sounds, this is what it felt like - and it felt great!

The play is set up as a fight in 13 rounds as the two lead actors face off verbally as each try to prove their superiority over the other. The actors often go into hilarious monologues and make the audience participate in a weird, voyeurish ways... We feel like we are the ones who should decide who wins each round.

Towards the end, when I expected it the least, the play took a dark twist, that had me feel really uncomfortable (good unconfortable - if such a thing exists). It also made me realize how powerful this play was....

One last node to conclude - I'd like to mention the cute and reserved referee, in a radiant blue bathing suit. She ties the play together and feels more like she's part of us, the audience. The Actress' performance was very well tempered and she understood how to stay clear of the spotlight (literally and metaphorically). But whenever she would step in the light, she had the cutest smile and a most eery presence (strange combination). She may just be a moderator but somehow it just seems that it was all about her....

Office Hours / Never Swim Alone - A Jubilee Theater Production - July 11-14 and 17-21 8PM - Atwater Library - tickets on

Montreal Restaurants

I've been visiting a new bar every two weeks with a group of friends in order to acquaint myself not only with new places but also new friends (we each invite new people to come out with us). I bought the book Montréal Resto À Go-Go by Sarah Musgrave a while ago, and have used it as a guide for our new bars. The core members of the group have decided that we should visit a new restaurant once a month as well. I realised that it is not very often that i try a new restaurant. It's very rare that i do eat out, so when i do i tend not to want to take my chances with a new restaurant.

This new group will definitely help expand the repertoire of restaurants. Using Sarah Musgrave's book and some suggestions by friends, here are some that i have chosen so far (please comment on the one's you may have been to):

La Maison Hantée (The Haunted House), 1037 Bleury: How could you not want to eat at a dinner theatre, a haunted one at that! They have some burlesque shows going on. Eat
and watch burlesque? I'll take seconds! The menu is fixed per show, but they say that if you notify them of an approaching vegetarian within 10 days they can accommodate them.

La Couscoussière d'Ali Baba, 1460 Amherst: A Tunisian restaurant that not only has tonnes of couscous, but belly dancers on the weekends and shisha. The food is apparently not that great, but again - belly dancers and shisha.

Abiata, 3435 St. Denis: I've only heard good things about Ethiopian food, and this is apparently the place to go. The food is eaten with a sort of spongy bread called injera, no utensils.

Chez Gatsé, 317 Ontario East: This was the first Tibetan restaurant in Montreal. There is a limited choice of vegetarian fare ( a couple of dishes or so), which is strange because i always though Tibetan food was largely vegetarian.

If anyone has any other suggestions... by all means, let me know. And if you'd like to join us, we're always up for meeting new people.

This post was originally published on Chronicles of the 12th Floor


Do I even need to mention it ?
The Just for Laughs festival is back for its 25th edition, with shows around town, streets roaming with comedians and performers, a comedy film festival and more....
If only the rain would stop for a while and let us actually go out on the streets.... That's what's so great about this festival : streets.
Of course, you can catch a good show, but there's nothing like being pranked (or punk'd) randomly on the streets, or watch a street performer do his tricks and throw in a few jokes in the process.

As usual, the festival features a bunch of galas. Some of this year's hosts are no other than Howie Mendel, George Lopez, William Shatner and Arturo Brachetti. The 25th Anniversary gala promises to be big and features a bunch of TV and live personalities, including my favorite Susie Essman (most known for her hysterical housewife character on Curb your Enthusiasm).

Also on the menu is the Comedia film festival. It features some rather average american features. What I Think is most relevant in the festival is the series of shorts they present, including a best-of night hosted by Marlon Wayans (scary movie)

Some big shows are coming to town. To cite just a few :
- Russel Peters, Canada's new hit comic
- Family guy Live !!
- Gad Elmaleh, premiering his new show 6 months ahead of France.
- Kids in the Hall !! (yes, them !)

also watch out for Eddie Izzard, La Clique, Louis CK, Jimmy Carr and Billy Connelly.

PS: I shamefully stole the festival's tagline for the title of this post. But it's just too good !

Just for Laughs festival, July 8-29. More info at

Monday, July 9, 2007

Grazie Mille

Ces derniers temps, je passe mes déjeuners dans ce petit café italien sur Fairmount (coin Clarke). Les paninis y sont délicieux, et les portions plutôt généreuses.
La sélection est alléchante : les paninis ont tous l'air frais et sont soigneusement exposés derrière un comptoir vitré. Mes préférés ? Le Meditteraneen (brie, crème méditerranéenne, dinde, emmental, pate d'olives, champignons marinés), le Toscano (viande de grison, roquette, fromage de chèvre) et le Sicilia (tomates, champignons, fromage de chèvre).
Les espressos (illy) sont aussi particulièrement réussis.

L'ambiance est plutôt neutre et réservée mais le proprio a assez de type pour donner un caractère à son café : avec ses airs de macho italiens, ils discute avec ses clients avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme et une autorité intéressante.... Ce qui m'amuse surtout, c'est qu'il ressemble à un John Travolta macho italien.

Coté prix, c'est tres raisonnable. On s'en sort rassasiés à 8-10$ (panini+boisson+cafe).

Idéal pour les déjeuners au travail.

Caffe Grazie Mille, 58, rue Fairmount (angle Clark) Ouvert tous les jours de 8 h 30 à 18 h.